Bliss of her ignorance.

The morning mist had filled her eyes with a vision, painted on this blurred canvas, morphing her imagination with reality.

Strokes of veracious delusions and deceptive truths…

She lingered in saturated uncertainty; intoxicated by the bliss of her ignorance.

© 2021 S. E. Emm & The Silhouette, All Rights Reserved.

Free fall.

Mouths meet at the eleventh hour, speaking into the muted tones of twilight.

Lips linger on the cusp of a breath, wavering between compulsion and reason.

Tongues trail the paths of moistened yearning, trembling with the release of pent up darkness…

A paralytic free fall.

© 2021 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.


Incensed ink runs through my veins;

Turning rampant blood to black.

Words emerge inside my brain;

But they seep down through the cracks.

Thoughts of rage like seething stains;

Pull me down onto the tracks.

Tears stream down to numb the pain,

But the angst keeps coming back.

© 2021 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.

Gravity, no more.

The moon stirs my slumber,

calling me to rise.

Its milky luster seeps

through the window pane,

moistening the curves of my body.

The midnight light dances upon my skin,

luring me into the cosmos.

Gravity, no more.

I am floating amongst the stars

as my fingers orbit the craters of this lunacy.

© 2021 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.


I find myself back amongst the flames; colours erupt from the inferno that surrounds me.

Deep blue moments of reflection arise.

A red raging passion consumes.

A lilac longing unravels.

Then comes black…

Black is the whirlwind; a turbulent affair between touch and time. A beautiful collection of fleeting moments which I hope are never retrieved for they have filled the forgotten void inside of me. They have become the kindling in my soul that keeps the burn alive.

© 2021 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.

I have become.

A broken silence surrounds me; I can hear the sound of my breath as it toils within the confines of this thoracic cage.

As I stare into the hollowness of the cold and unforgiving abyss, I can feel the heaviness settle in again. The weight of the world has begun to nestle itself into the tender parts of my bleeding heart.

I have become a tear in a sea of swirling sorrow, a grain of sand in a desert of desolation, a shadow in the shade…

Apathy personified.

© 2020 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.


Where I can.

Bring me to the roof top.

Where I can sit above the world and see everything from a raven’s eye view.

Where the fear that feeds my soul dissolves, numbing the anguish that radiates from my deepest thoughts.

Where adrenaline surges through my veins, annihilating all common sense.

Where my heartbeat becomes the voice of reason and all worries become a fading echo.

Where nothing else matters except the last remnants that flood my mind…

© 2020 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.


The night sky fills up with dark clouds as I colour my mind with thoughts of hate. They appear thick and full, but as my hand skims through them in search of something to fill the void, emptiness is all that can be found.

I long for rain, for a wreck… For anything to take away the pain of the black tar that lines my shallow breaths.

Cemented to the corner of my mood, I gaze into the sky above. The shining stars torment my eyes like the drag of jagged metal against my skin. The pain is too dense. Too full. Too deep. I pray that the tar within the core of me paves its way up and conceals the windows of my soul.

© 2020 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.


It awakens me in the still of night, this concoction of madness and rapture. I can feel it trickling inside of me. It salivates down the edges of my brain, drenching my thoughts with hunger.

I chase these crimson visions and hunt them with an untamed touch. The pursuit induces swells in the ocean of eagerness that resides within me.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

I seize my prey.

A fervid flow of blood rushes down my body as I sink my teeth into this compulsion. The ache that fuelled my famine has been slayed.

Inhale, exhale…


2020 S. E. Emm, All Rights Reserved.